When Should You Change the Water in Your Hot Tub?

29 October 2018
29 October 2018, Comments: Comments Off on When Should You Change the Water in Your Hot Tub?

As the weather gets cooler and cooler here in Arizona, it’s likely that you are spending less time in the pool and more time in the spa. And while your hot tub may have less water in it than your pool, it is still just as important to keep it clean and balanced. The upside to having such a smaller amount of water, however, is how much easier it is to empty and replace the water when necessary. So, when exactly is the right time to do so?

How to Know

A number of factors can impact the water chemistry in your hot tub such as the number of users, frequency of use, and more. While this may appear to make it difficult to know when you should replace your water, thankfully there’s a formula that should help you establish a healthy rhythm. It’s pretty easy math: take the number of gallons in your spa divided by the number of people who use it each day divided by three. When it’s all simplified, it should look like this:

# of gallons / # of users / 3 = # of days until you replace your water

For example, if you have a hot tub that holds 400 gallons of water with two people who use it daily, then your formula would look like this:

400 / 2 / 3 = 66.67 days

With a little rounding, this means you should consider changing your water every 67 days, or every two months. And the larger your spa is, the longer you can go!

Exceptions to the Rule

Now, of course, if you see issues with your water it could be wise to change earlier. Cloudiness, smell, or the appearance of scum are all good indicators to help you decide if this might be the case for you. But regular maintenance and monitoring of the water chemistry can help your water reach its full potential. And now that you know how to best to take care of your spa, it should be easier than ever to keep it pristine.