1 November 2017
1 November 2017, Comments: Comments Off on What a Wonderful Personal Recommendation!

“Saturn Pools—expert, professional, friendly, thorough, competitive.  Highly recommended!

Our experience with Nate at Saturn Pools has been very positive, and we would highly recommend Saturn to anyone putting in a pool.

From the start of our first appointment, Nate listened to what we wanted to do. He didn’t patronize us, like some other pool guys we talked to—when he had recommendations that were contrary to what we said we wanted, he explained his reasons and guided us to a pool design that made sense from a cost and practicality standpoint, and yet still met our requirements.

Nate’s design work was excellent—he took our ideas and turned them into plans and graphics that showed us exactly what the pool would look like in our backyard. He walked us through all of our options, presented the pros and cons of all of them, and helped us to come up with a design that fit into our budget and our space.

As with any construction project, the timeline for our pool was fluid and subject to circumstances outside of anyone’s control. Nate made sure that we were aware of that, and told us that he and his subcontractors would manage the project to the best of their abilities. They did—Nate was great about keeping us informed of the schedule, and checked in with his subs and with us regularly. He inspected all of the key points in the pool construction and helped us to know what the city code requirements were so that we could prepare to pass the safety inspection at the end.

Once the pool was finished, Nate explained all of the stuff we’d need to do to maintain our pool, showing us how to run the pump and equipment and how to test the water and adjust it as necessary. When, a couple of weeks in, our auto-filler started misbehaving, he was immediately responsive and helped us to get it back into good working order.”

Sjaak & Ginny V.
Chandler AZ