Swimming Pool Benefits - What Owning a Swimming Pool Can Do to Your Mental Health

7 February 2021
7 February 2021, Comments: Comments Off on Swimming Pool Benefits – What Owning a Swimming Pool Can Do to Your Mental Health

Owning a swimming pool brings you more benefits than recreation and exercise. It’s also great for your mental health. When life gets stressful, take a dip in your swimming pool for a quick mental therapy session.

Swimming is Soothing

Being immersed in water, moving freely, and floating comfortably to the gentle bob of the motion of the water helps you relax. Not only do your muscles appreciate swimming, so does your mind. If you’ve been feeling anxious, experienced moments of hot-headedness, or have been stressed out and overworked, then you can slip into your swimming pool and unwind in minutes. There’s something soothing about the water that helps you feel calmer.

Scientific study shows specific reasons for this increased sense of wellbeing, and we’ll get to those details, but even beyond the science, swimming helps you relax. You can come out of the pool a better person.

Swimming Stimulates Chemicals and Hormones in Your Brain

Psychologists have come to understand that swimming causes good things to happen inside your brain. It stimulates the chemicals that grow new nerve cells. It helps produce serotonin and endorphins, which are hormones that reduce our stress and anxiety and make us feel happier. Swimming exercise can change your brain in some of the same ways that antidepressant medications can. 

Swimming Increases Blood Flow to the Brain

Why is increased blood flow to the brain a good thing? More blood flow improves your overall mood. It also helps you focus and think clearly. If your mind is feeling cloudy, and you can’t seem to shake a bad case of the blues, then you can jump into your swimming pool and be immersed for a while. In fact, immersion in the water is the key to increased blood flow to the brain.

Your Mood Benefits from the Color Blue

The water in your swimming pool is blue. The color blue is actually a calming color, healthy for your mental condition. All colors have some sort of psychological influence over us, and blue happens to be a color that makes people feel comfortable and at peace. Consider the effect a clear blue sky has on your attitude after days of clouds. People travel to the seashore to gaze at the large expanse of blue oceans and lakes because they like the way the landscape makes them feel. Something about the color blue helps us relax and put things in perspective. You can do the same thing in your own backyard with a swimming pool.

Increase the Quality of Your Life

The world can be a crazy place. Your home should be a place for you to refuel and gather your thoughts. A swimming pool is a powerful tool to help you be your best self. When you regularly swim or soak in your backyard swimming pool, you are taking good care of yourself. It’s not just a luxury. It’s a way for you to be cool and collected, so you can better take care of your other problems and responsibilities.

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