25 September 2020
25 September 2020, Comments: Comments Off on Is It Time to Close Your Pool?

Believe it or not, we recently celebrated National Pool Closing Day on September 19, the third Saturday of September. For those of us who live in Arizona or another sunbelt state, however, this day serves as more of a suggestion than a rule. So, for us with options, this begs the question—what do you do? Is it time to consider shutting down the pool until spring, or can you still get some more use out of it? Let’s discuss the options.

Keeping Your Pool Open

The name of the game when it comes to getting the most use out of your pool is heating. In Phoenix, you’ll likely be able to use your pool longer than those farther north, but eventually, your water will too cold for comfortable use without a little help. Installing an energy-efficient heater should be just the thing you need to extend your pool usage significantly. This is a feature overlooked by many during pool construction, but there are a number of options to choose from, many of which are actually quite affordable.

Winterizing Your Pool

On the other hand, if you aren’t the type of person that would use your pool much during the winter anyway, it may make sense to move forward with winterizing for a few months. This helps reduce the amount of maintenance necessary to keep your pool clean and decreases the cost you’ll have to spend on chemicals and the like. Additionally, you will be able to rest a little easier when it comes to pool safety due to the fact that your pool will be covered securely.

And if closing down your pool seems like a lot of work, don’t fret. If you’re in an area where you don’t have to worry about freezing, all you really need to do is complete a few short steps: deep clean, balance the pH, add shock, and cover. If you are in a place more prone to freezes, you can still close your pool in an afternoon by taking a couple of additional measures.

Hopefully, you found this information helpful in helping you decide your next course of action. If you don’t have a pool that you can enjoy this fall, reach out to us to talk about what it would look like to install a new pool for you and your family—heater and all. Schedule a free, in-home estimate today and be one step closer to the backyard paradise you’ve always wanted.