Design Your New Pool in Minutes—and See It in Your Backyard!

30 September 2020
30 September 2020, Comments: Comments Off on Design Your New Pool in Minutes—and See It in Your Backyard!

When designing a new pool, pencil and paper is always a good start, but what do you do once you want to get a real visual of your idea in your actual yard? Maybe your imagination is so finetuned that it’s no issue for you to just picture it on your own, but for most of us, a little help goes a long way. Well, thanks to technology, it’s now easier than ever.

The new NPT Backyard app for iPhone or Android uses augmented reality to bring your pool design to life. First, in just a few seconds, you can select your preference of pool shape, tile, finish, coping, and pavers. Then, using your phone or tablet’s camera, you can place your newly designed pool exactly where you want to see it in your backyard.

Here’s a quick video showing how the process works and exactly how helpful it can be.

Once you’re done with your design, you can share it with friends directly through the app to get feedback on your work. And of course, you can share it with your pool builder to let them know what you like. So, what are you waiting for? Take it for a spin, see your ideas come to life, and then schedule a free, in-home estimate to get started! Let us help you bring your ideas into the real world—it’s what we do best.