Water Safety USA's Important Announcement You Should Know

10 November 2017
10 November 2017, Comments: Comments Off on Water Safety USA’s Important Announcement You Should Know

Water Safety USA, a collective of national nonprofit and governmental organizations, aims to empower people with resources, information, and tools to safely enjoy and benefit from our nation’s aquatic environments. Each year, they announce one important slogan to the public with safety in mind. Earlier this year, Water Safety USA released its water safety message for 2017: “Designate a water watcher, supervision could save a life.”

Dangerous Statistics

Let’s take a closer look at this slogan. Why designate a water watcher? According to Water Safety USA, drowning is the second leading cause of unintentional injury deaths for children 1-14 years of age. In addition, statistics show that three children die every day as a result of drowning. Between these numbers and the fact that most fatal drownings happen when there is little or no supervision, you can see how important it is to have someone in charge of watching children in the pool.

An Important Safety Measure

So who makes an appropriate water watcher? Water Saftey USA states they should be at least over 16 years of age, but preferably an adult. Also, a water watcher should know CPR and have the skills necessary to save someone in distress or be able to alert someone nearby to help. Make sure the water watcher is someone alert, not under the influence of alcohol, and has a phone to dial 9-1-1.

What Else You Should Know

Water Safety USA stresses that a water watcher is not a substitute for a lifeguard. If possible, you should always swim in a lifeguard protected area and appoint a water watcher as an extra precaution. If you have a child who does not yet know how to swim, make sure the water watcher is within reach in case the child falls. Lastly, a water watcher should always be on guard and help prevent accidents in addition to responding to emergencies.

Hopefully, this information allows you and your family to enjoy the water as safely as possible. By following this crucial advice, everyone should be able to have a good time while avoiding any accidents. As always, safety first!