Uh-Oh. Make sure to choose your pool builder wisely.

22 April 2016
22 April 2016, Comments: Comments Off on Uh-Oh. Make sure to choose your pool builder wisely.

AZ pays to finish Paddocks’ left-behind projects

Arizona Pays to Finish Paddock Pools
Taxpayers in the Grand Canyon State will pay more than $350,000 to fix pools left behind.
By Rebecca Robledo

The Arizona Registrar of Contractors will pay out more than $350,000 from its state recovery fund to complete pools that had been abandoned by the parent companies of historic Phoenix builder/retailer Paddock Pools and Cameo Pools.

After struggling for a few years to remain operational, Paddock and Cameo officially closed their doors last spring amid reports that in-progress pools had been abandoned. Consumers filed a combined 78 complaints with the AZ ROC in 2015— 50 against Paddock; 28 against Cameo. After an investigation, parent companies Camelback Pools and RIG Construction lost their licenses.

In addition, 46 individuals have requested funds from the Recovery Fund. Of these, AZ ROC determined that 38 homeowners qualify, and the agency will pay out approximately $352,620.

The remaining complainants were not eligible, some because they hired the builders after their licenses were suspended, others for using unlicensed contractors to finish their projects.

Paddock in Phoenix was founded in 1958 with the purchase of a franchise from industry pioneer Paddock Pools of California.

Rebecca Robledo is a senior editor at Pool & Spa News and Aquatics International.

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