Top 5 Essential Pool Safety Accessories

30 January 2022
30 January 2022, Comments: Comments Off on Top 5 Essential Pool Safety Accessories

A swimming pool increases your recreation options while cooling you during hot weather. However, things can take an unexpected turn when planning is not fully done to ensure several layers of protection. Pool safety, both for kids and adults, is necessary, as it prevents accidents, allows efficient operations, and minimizes unauthorized access. Here are the top 5 pool safety accessories to consider.

Pool Covers

Apart from averting accidents, the covers guard against evaporation and debris, conserve pool chemicals, or raise water temperatures. They also protect the pool from organic growth and weathering. Nonetheless, they are of different types, including, winter cover, solar blanket, and leaf cover. These covers can be tarp-like, solid, or mesh, with some being automatic and others manual.

Pool Safety Accessories Including Alarms and Lighting

Alarms give you peace of mind, especially if you have kids or pets that may sneak into the pool without your knowledge. The alarms alert adults of potential danger by setting off loud sounds, at times, accompanied by lights. Whatever your alarm preference, install them in strategic places around and in your pool. Examples include swimming pool water alarms, gate alarms, and door alarms.

Lighting for your pool is important, particularly for those who love swimming at night. It can also act as a safety measure and for aesthetic appeal.

Pool Safety Fence

It acts as a barrier around the pool area and can either be self-locking or self-closing. Note that it needs to be permanent and can be made of wrought iron or aluminum. It should be of a certain height with secure panels to avoid kids, small critters, or pets slipping through.

Ladders and Rails

Ladders offer access to the pool and should therefore be comfortable, safe, and well-designed. They are normally installed at the pool’s deep end to help tired swimmers climb up instead of swimming back to the shallow area.

These pool safety accessories come in handy at the shallow end, which has stairs that tend to be slippery. They prevent slipping when entering and leaving the pool.

Rescue Equipment

This is an extremely crucial must-have accessory that could mean the difference between life and death. Rescue equipment needs to be kept close to the pool to enable easy access when there’s a need to rescue someone. Here are some rescue equipment types:

Shepherd’s Crook

Also called a life hook, pool hook, or safety hook, Shepherd’s Crook is the best alternative to a ring buoy for those who are not able to grab it. By extending the hook to this pool safety accessory, you can maneuver it around them and pull them out of the pool.            

First Aid Kit

It lets you respond to an emergency quickly and efficiently as you organize proper medical attention. This means you should have the basics of first aid at your fingertips.

Life Vests or Jackets

They ease the rescue process by helping people remain afloat on the pool’s surface. This works well for those who are not good swimmers and those who don’t know how to swim.


Other rescue equipment includes ring buoy and rope, rescue tubes, rope and float line, as well as spine boards.

Invest in Pool Safety Accessories Today

Safety for all pool users is of the utmost importance. The above accessories are absolute must-haves for everyone’s protection when using your swimming pool. At Saturn Pool Company, we install custom pools and engage in backyard landscaping. Contact us today if you need a pool or have any questions about safety accessories.