Hottest Swimming Pool Trends 2021

14 March 2021
14 March 2021, Comments: Comments Off on Hottest Swimming Pool Trends 2021

As 2021 heats up, swimming pools cool us down. Check out these hot backyard swimming pool trends, and consider how they might add value to your own home.

5 Swimming Pool Trends for 2021

1. Dark-Colored Lining

Experience the luxury of a dark finish inside your pool. Dark liners, from deep blues to dark grays, add an illusion of depth to your pool, and they look more natural, with more reflection as well as less visibility of the bottom of your pool. In fact, the dark colors hide scratches and other imperfections. Another perk of a dark pool liner: the dark color helps your water hold heat better, keeping your pool warmer longer.

2. LED Pool Lighting

Illuminate your swimming pool with LED pool lights. These low-energy lights produce bright lights that set a beautiful mood in your water. They are available in whatever color you want, and you can even create a custom color scheme for a unique look. LED pool lights are really popular because they use less energy than incandescent bulbs, last a lot longer, and don’t cost much to operate. They are great for nighttime pool safety as well as making your pool much more inviting.

3. Lounge Ledge

Pools these days are more organic-looking with curves and ledges and waterfalls. A lounge ledge is an especially popular addition to your backyard pool. It is a ledge built to be under a shallow amount of water. On this ledge, you place a lounge chair that will give you the benefit of being cool in the pool and relaxing in the sun at the same time. The lounge ledge doesn’t need a chair to be great. In fact, kids and adults love to sit in the shallow water on the ledge and dangle their legs over the edge into the deeper water. 

4. Infinity Pool

Infinity pools are all about backyard luxury. They are beautiful pools with at least one side where the water flows right over the edge, producing the effect of no boundaries. If you have a great view from your pool area, the infinity-edge enhances the view, giving the impression that you can swim right into it. This type of pool has a unique design that looks effortless but is actually quite complicated. The infinity-edge is really a waterfall, and the water collects into a basin area below. Because there is always water falling, there is also always the sound of running water, which many people find soothing. 

5. Spool

What is a spool? It’s a small pool with spa features. Spools are generally smaller than the average backyard pool but larger than the average spa. Homeowners often prefer installing a spool because they don’t take up as much space in their yard, and it’s more affordable to maintain a spool than a pool and spa combo. Spools can act as a spa, with powerful jets and heated water. They can also act as a pool, with enough space to do water aerobics or swim in place against the current of the jets. 

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