Swimming Ranked 3rd Most Popular Exercise According to Survey

29 June 2018
29 June 2018, Comments: Comments Off on Swimming Ranked 3rd Most Popular Exercise According to Survey

Is personal fitness crucial? Apparently, the majority of Americans think so. According to a recent survey centered on fitness, most Americans consider being in shape “very important” to them. Seventy-seven percent of people surveyed by ReportLinker, a technology company specializing in market research, agreed with this statement, including 25% who responded that they “strongly agree.”

In addition to these numbers, ReportLinker found out a ranking of the most common exercise activities. At 40%, joining a fitness center came out on top with basketball and swimming both falling next in line, chosen by 35% each. Fourth place was taken by jogging at 34%, followed by yoga, which was selected by 21% of respondents.

Motivation showed itself to play a large part in the stats as well. Only one-third of those surveyed said that exercising is a part of their everyday routine. Some use future sporting events to help them stay consistent with summit hikes, mud runs, and marathons being popular choices.

Of those who enjoy swimming, 38% said that having a friend to exercise with was extra motivating. In addition, 46% said that they use a smartphone app to monitor their performance. This high figure could possibly be contributed to by the fact that 30% of people said that they are more likely to work out if they are aiming to accomplish personal goals or records.

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