Small Pools that Fit in Small Backyards

11 April 2021
11 April 2021, Comments: Comments Off on Small Pools that Fit in Small Backyards

Don’t let the small size of your backyard keep you from your dreams of a home swimming pool. Saturn Pools can design as well as build you a pool that fits into your space without detracting from the rest of your home and outdoor area. We believe a swimming pool should add value to your home and life, not take away from it. Check out these space-saving ideas for small pools that are relaxing in a cozy, intimate way.

1. Use Vertical Water Features in Your Pool Design

Want all the luxuries of a backyard swimming pool, but you don’t have room to spare? Build up. In a small bedroom, you install bunk beds. In a small backyard, you can install vertical features like rock waterfalls, fountains, as well as scuppers that are integrated into the pool walls. You can also have a pool-spa combination by building the spa higher than the pool with water cascading over the edge into the pool.

2. Fit a Pool into the Contours of Your Yard

Backyards come in all shapes and sizes. So can your swimming pool! We’ll custom-design your pool to fit into the contours, even if it means having curvy edges or a pool that wraps around the corner of your home. Your pool deck doesn’t need to be on all sides of the pool. You can fit a pool next to the wall of your property, with a deck on the other side. Add potted plants, so you don’t lose the green aspect of your backyard.

3. Build a Shallow Pool

The depth of your pool determines the slope of the pool floor. Small pools that go deeper than five feet will have a steep floor that is uncomfortable. If you keep the depth of your pool less than five feet, you’ll be able to install entry steps as well as still have a safely-sloping pool floor in a smaller area.

4. Install a Narrow Lap Pool

Your swimming pool doesn’t have to be wide. Consider a long as well as narrow lap pool. You can squeeze a lap pool into tight spaces. Plus, it also gives you a good excuse to go outside and swim for exercise. 

5. Challenges of Small Pools

Are you considering a small pool to save on space? We have a few words of advice to share. First, many homeowners believe a small pool will save them money. This is not necessarily true. The price depends on a lot of things, not just the size of the pool. 

Owning a smaller, shallower pool has its own unique challenges. It is more difficult to keep the water chemistry in a smaller pool balanced. Because of this, you run of higher risk of having algae problems in your pool. 

That being said, we do believe that a swimming pool doesn’t have to be large to be inviting and comfortable. In fact, many homeowners love their smaller pools because they provide an excellent way to relax in the water without taking away room for gardens, patios, as well as other backyard amenities. If you’d like to discuss a small pool with Nate Green, the expert pool builder at Saturn Pools, please contact us. We are currently scheduling appointments in Phoenix, Glendale, Scottsdale, Peoria, Wickenburg, Wittmann, Waddell, Anthem, New River, Carefree, as well as Cave Creek ONLY.