9 July 2020
9 July 2020, Comments: Comments Off on Should You Shower Before You Swim?

If you own your own pool, you’re probably very familiar with the routine maintenance necessary to keep it clean and clear. But, what you may not be aware of is one cause of dirt and bacteria that can easily be avoided—poor swimmer hygiene. It’s easy to become more comfortable in your own pool than you would in a public pool setting, however, it’s important not to become too lax when it comes to cleanliness. Let’s talk about a few easy things you can do to keep your pool healthy and cut down on your regular maintenance demands.

In 2011, the Water Quality & Health Council published the results of a survey they conducted that centered on swimmer hygiene. As you can imagine, using the restroom before you get into the pool is a must, but there’s something else people seem to overlook. They found that at least 35% of people go without a preswim shower. Furthermore, in 2012, the WQHC found that 44% of people surveyed see preswim showers as unnecessary.

The problem with this is that your skin can carry a lot of things into your pool that don’t belong there. Sweat, dirt, body oil, and makeup all affect water chemistry, combing with free chlorine and producing irritants. These irritants can not only cause issues like red eyes and swimmer’s ear but they also use up your free chlorine, requiring you to spend more on chemicals than you otherwise would.

The good news is, the solution is simple. A 2012 Dutch study found that a mere 60-second shower cleanses your body of most contaminants, keeping them from ever entering your pool. So, in the end, all it takes is a quick routine before swimming to help keep things in tiptop shape!

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