Seriously Impressive: Olympian Katie Ledecky Swims With a Glass of Milk on Head

11 August 2020
11 August 2020, Comments: Comments Off on Seriously Impressive: Olympian Katie Ledecky Swims With a Glass of Milk on Head

As you probably know, there are a lot of ways to have fun in the pool. However, one way you’ve almost certainly never tried is swimming laps while balancing a glass of chocolate milk on your head. And honestly, if most of us tried, the results definitely wouldn’t be worth videoing (except maybe for America’s Funniest Home Videos). But that’s exactly what Olympic gold medalist Katie Ledecky did, and it is impressive! Watch below to see for yourself.

In the video, she swims 50 meters across the pool during this balancing act, and as you can imagine, it took the internet by storm with over 4 million views on Twitter and almost 3 million on TikTok. The video was part of the #gotmilkchallenge on TikTok, which includes submissions from hundreds of people following three simple steps: pour a glass of milk, do something amazing, and don’t spill. Ledecky was particularly proud of her submission joking that it was “possibly one of the best swims of [her] career!”

Providing more background to the video, Ledecky told the Washington Post, “The Got Milk team told me they were launching this campaign and asked if I’d be up for trying to something fun in the pool. They kind of left it up to me to see what I could do. I said, ‘Let me get in the pool and play around a little bit.’” Initially unsure if the trick would work, she was actually successful on the first try. Ledecky added, “I think a lot of people see it, and they of course think that I’m trying not to drop the cup, but I was also trying not to get any water in the cup because I wanted to drink it afterwards. I didn’t want to ruin the milk.”

While we don’t recommend potentially spilling milk into your pool, we are huge proponents of having fun in the pool. If you or someone you know is interested in building a new pool to enjoy as a family, let us know! You can schedule a free estimate by reaching out to us here.