4 November 2017
4 November 2017, Comments: Comments Off on 3 Easy Ways to Remove Leaves from Your Pool

Now that fall in is full swing, you may have a new element to your pool maintenance: leaves. Whether you have a tree in your backyard or the wind helps your neighbor’s leaves make their way over the fence, the amount of debris in your pool can really increase this time of year. Today we’ll look at three easy ways to get leaves out of your pool.

Leaf Rake

If you’re still using an ordinary skimmer to clean your pool, try upgrading to a leaf rake, which is essentially a skimmer with a full net attached. It sounds simple, but this tool will help you capture more leaves with each pass and prevent any leaves you catch from falling back into the pool. Not to mention, you can use it to clean the bottom of your pool as well as the top.

This is one of the cheapest ways to improve your cleaning routine, and it is definitely worth the investment. Bonus tip: if you pair your leaf rake with a Leaf Bone™ that attaches it to your ladder handrail, you can clean your pool even when you’re not there!

Leaf Bagger

If your pool needs more help than average, try a leaf bagger. Sometimes called a “leaf gulper,” this cleaning attachment uses a standard garden hose to create suction and bags leaves sitting on your pool floor. For the more stubborn leaves, you can use the bristles on the bottom of your leaf bagger to give them the extra push they need to rise into the bag. After a cleaning with this, your pool will look as good as new.

Pool Vacuum Leaf Canister

An attachment for your automatic pool cleaner, this device allows your pool to filter out leaves all on its own. Fitting between your cleaner and where it attaches to your pump system, this canister stops any leaves from reaching your pump and causing damage. After setup, all you have to do is run your pool pump on its usual schedule and empty out the leaf trap periodically. It’s as easy as that!

Now that you have cleaned your pool using one of these methods, you might consider investing in a leaf net to keep any more leaves from dirtying it up. However, even if you don’t, these techniques should save you time and hassle as you make it through the rest of the fall season!