Quick Pool Planning Guide for 2023

22 December 2022
22 December 2022, Comments: Comments Off on Quick Pool Planning Guide for 2023

It’s a perfect time to assess home improvement projects as the New Year approaches. Planning might help you prepare for a big project like a swimming pool installation. Here are four important considerations for pool planning:

1. Users

There are countless pool designs and amenities available today. Think about who will be using the pool to limit your selections. Is it for adults, children, or both? How many individuals will use the pool? 

Considering this is a long-term investment, account for your immediate and long-term users’ needs.

2. Location

You must decide where to install your pool after determining the users. Do you want to view the pool from certain windows or doors? Where will you place the pool equipment so that it’s not a focal point for your backyard?

Consider the orientation as you choose the location. You can place your pool away from the house or design it as a landscaping element closer to the house.

3. Type 

Once you’ve decided on the perfect location for the pool, you need to choose the type of pool you need. Do you need a diving pool, a pool for lounging, swimming or volleyball/basketball? Assess your needs now and in the future. The kids don’t stay small so think about their needs as they grow older and taller and if you want to be the house where all the kids flock to.

4. Maintenance 

As you plan to have a pool in the New Year, remember that it requires routine maintenance. You will need to consider the equipment and chemicals to use. The number of chemicals you require will be determined by the size of your pool and how frequently you use it. 

Maintaining a pool’s interior finish costs the most. Will you clean your pool on a weekly or daily basis or will you hire someone? You may also need a professional to open and close your pool every season. Spring cleaning is another crucial aspect of pool maintenance to open it up after the winter.

Swimming Pool Installation in Phoenix, AZ

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