Protecting Your Skin and Hair from Chlorine

28 March 2018
28 March 2018, Comments: Comments Off on Protecting Your Skin and Hair from Chlorine

Swimming pools are an amazing thing. Not only do they feel great in the summer, but they are fun. The not-so-fun part, however, is the effect pool chemicals can have on your skin and hair if you’re not careful. These chemicals do a great job of keeping your pool clean and sanitary, but they don’t always take the best care of your appearance. But fear not, there are ways to protect yourself without giving up the pool altogether.

Swim Outside

If you can help it, swimming outside is a better option than swimming inside because it allows any gases from your pool cleaning chemicals to dissipate into the air. Because they don’t have to stay close by, they do less damage to your skin and hair. If you don’t have the option to swim outside, look for an indoor pool that is well-ventilated.

Shower Before Swimming

Showering before you swim creates a barrier between your skin and the pool water, allowing it to stay healthier. Getting into the pool when you’re already wet will help you avoid the dry skin that can sometimes come with frequent pool use. And if you want to go another route, sunscreen or lotion have a similar effect.

Wear a Swim Cap

A great way to protect your hair is to wear a swim cap. After showering, apply conditioner or a natural oil to your hair and put your cap on to keep it feeling soft. This is especially helpful if you have dyed hair, as it will help preserve the color for longer.

Rinse After Swimming

Washing off after swimming helps rinse away any chemicals still on your skin. Cleaning your hair with a gentle shampoo and fresh water will work wonders as well, but make sure to wash for a few consecutive minutes to flush out all of the chlorine. And if you want a natural alternative, try using apple cider vinegar to remove any buildup or other pollutants from your hair.

If you follow these steps, you should see a vast improvement in how your skin and hair feel after regular swimming. Now you can enjoy the pool without worrying about dry skin or damaged hair—you can just have fun.