What Pool Size Should You Have in Your Backyard?

23 January 2022
23 January 2022, Comments: Comments Off on What Pool Size Should You Have in Your Backyard?

Setting up your home to become your little slice of heaven on earth is an achievement. The great thing is, the home you’ve recently built or moved into has all it needs to be your sanctum sanctorum…well, except for one thing: a swimming pool. A swimming pool in your backyard would complete your home and give you and your family the best thing to do as you while your time away in the hot Atlanta afternoons. Imagine how much fun your children or dogs would have with a spot for swimming. The question now is, what is the best pool size to have in your backyard? Let’s find out. 

A Few Things to Consider When Choosing a Pool Size

A swimming pool is always a great thing to have. However, it has to be a prudent decision. You don’t want to just shoehorn a pool into a tiny space that ends up robbing you of the joy of your own exterior space. As such, think about the following considerations.

How Large Is Your Property? 

As touched on earlier, the size of your property will determine what sort of additions you build into it. If you have a small backyard where a child can touch the wall and the fence simultaneously, it would be prudent to have a hot tub instead whenever you want to dip from time to time.

However, if you have a sizable backyard, the enjoyment of your home won’t be curtailed by the presence of a pool. If anything, the pool will add to its magic.

What’s the Best Location for the Pool?

This is also a question of your property’s size. The location of the pool is best determined with other uses in mind. If the backyard has various purposes, especially involving kids, then it’s best to have it closer to the house. It allows more room where your kids or pets can run around undeterred.

What’s the Intended Use?

Are you planning on using the pool to keep fit or lounge around on a lazy day? The intended use of the pool will determine its size. If you prefer swimming laps, a larger one is the best recommendation. Also, the number of people will influence the pool design. If your children are younger, you may want a simple design suitable for small children.

Common Pool Sizes

Pools are available in numerous regular sizes. You can, however, choose to have a custom size. Some common sizes are

  • Spa size (5-10 ft long)
  • Family size (20-25 ft long)
  • Enthusiast size (40-45 ft long)

There are other sizes in between, usually with 5 ft increments in length starting from the spa size. Additionally, larger pools mean higher utility costs.

Ready to Get Started?

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