Pool Safety Tips: 10 Tips for a Day Out in Your Backyard Pool

20 June 2021
20 June 2021, Comments: Comments Off on Pool Safety Tips: 10 Tips for a Day Out in Your Backyard Pool

As we move into summer, we spend more and more time cooling off in our backyard swimming pools. The pool experts at Saturn Pools want you to safely enjoy your pool. So, we’ve come up with pool safety tips for you to enjoy your day in your backyard pool.

Spending time in the water has certain risks, but with the right precautions, you and your family can make the most of your summer swimming adventures.

10 Pool Safety Tips for Your Backyard Pool

1. Teach Children to Swim. 

Knowing how to swim is one of the best ways to avoid drowning. Sign your child up for swimming lessons in the area, and then help them practice their skills in your own pool.

2. Make Sure Children are Attended at All Times. 

A swimming accident can happen at any time, and it only takes a second for a child to slip under the water. If you have to leave for a moment, make sure there is another adult to watch your child.

3. Remain Aware. 

It’s tempting to sit and relax with a good book or your phone when you are watching your kids play in the pool. However, becoming engrossed in another activity means you aren’t fully aware of what your children are doing. Keep your phone put away while you’re by the pool.

4. Understand that Drowning is a Silent Killer. 

Don’t expect a drowning person to splash and yell. Always be aware of where your child is in the pool. If your child is struggling to stay afloat, they may not have the opportunity to call for help.

5. Stay Away from Drains. 

Drains and suction openings in your pool can be death traps. In fact, swimsuits, jewelry, hair, as well as body parts can get stuck in a swimming pool drain. Teach your children to stay away from them. Compliant drain covers can also be installed over drains for extra protection.

6. Keep Children from Accessing the Pool Unattended. 

Backyard pools as well as spas should have some sort of security around them to ensure children can’t walk out there unattended. This can include an isolation fence, a perimeter fence, or even a portable pool fence. You may also want to add some extra security with pool alarms and a pool security camera. Check out this article for more safety equipment information.

7. Locate Slip Hazards. 

It’s a good idea to do a visual inspection of the pool area every time you enter it. Anyone can trip and fall over misplaced items, such as pool toys, cleaning equipment, pool floats, as well as hoses. Make sure loose items are stored properly when not in use.

8. Keep Pool Chemicals Out of Reach of Children. 

Pool chemicals protect swimmers from water-borne germs, but they also pose a hazard because they are poisonous when handled improperly. Keep them out of the way in a locked, ventilated space.

9. Avoid Sunburn. 

Use sunscreen generously whenever you are in or around the pool. Consider using protective clothing, too, such as wide-brimmed hats as well as wraparound sunglasses. Additionally, reapply sunscreen every two hours.

10. Learn CPR. 

You hope you never have to use it, but if you are the first person to pull a drowning person from the pool, knowing CPR can save that person’s life. Become CPR-certified through a local hospital, community center, or the American Red Cross.


Following these pool safety tips can help you as well as your family have a safe and happy summer in your backyard pool.

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