Your Guide to Pool Safety Equipment

28 March 2021
28 March 2021, Comments: Comments Off on Your Guide to Pool Safety Equipment

Keep your backyard swimming pool safe. In fact, there are many products on the market for pool safety. Here’s a simple guide to help you choose which equipment you need for your home pool.

1. Pool Fence

A good pool fence keeps children and pets from accessing your pool when they are unattended. Isolation fences provide a barrier on all four sides of the pool, which means your pool area is separated from your house. Additionally, a perimeter fence is a fence that goes around the perimeter of your property, which means you can keep the neighbor kids out of the pool, but there is no barrier between your house and the pool. 

A permanent pool fence is best, but there are portable pool fences available, too. They can also be put up at certain times when there are small children at your home.

2. Safety Pool Cover

A safety cover has the ability to hold a lot of weight, and it is anchored tightly with straps to recessed brackets in the deck. This is not the same thing as a winter pool cover. In addition, safety pool covers come in mesh styles, which eliminate puddling on the surface, as well as solid styles, which may require a bit more maintenance.

3. Pool Alarms

In the event that a child or pet does manage to fall into the swimming pool unsupervised, a pool alarm can alert you of the dangerous situation. Thankfully, there are many pool alarms available, including:

  • Water alarms, to alert parents when the water has been disturbed, or the water level changes.
  • Gate alarms, which alert you when the pool gate is opened.
  • Door alarms, for house doors that a person can use to access the pool area.
  • Infrared motion detectors, which can be mounted on your pool or your fence to detect motion and heat.

4. Pool Security Camera

Get a pool security camera to stream video of your pool all day, every day. It can alert your phone when it detects activity, so you can access the video online and check it out. In addition, a pool security camera will also include night vision, for safety in the dark.

5. Drain Covers

Becoming entrapped in your pool’s plumbing system could lead to death. Ensure safety by installing drain covers that are up-to-date with current swimming pool standards.

6. Pool Ladders and Ramps

Make your pool easy to get out of by installing safe pool ladders. If you also have pets who may fall into the water, consider installing a pet ramp, which will make it easier for your pet to get out on its own.

7. Pool Rescue Equipment

If someone is in danger in your backyard swimming pool, you want to have rescue equipment readily available. Stock your pool area with these items:

  • First aid kit
  • Life jacket
  • Shepherd’s crook
  • Pool safety ring
  • Ropes or dividers for sectioning off the deep end

At Saturn Pools, we care deeply about your personal safety. Pools are a great source of home entertainment as well as exercise, but they also contain certain risks. Please make your swimming pool as safe as possible. 

Finally, if you’re considering getting a new pool in the Phoenix area, contact us to schedule a one-hour appointment with our expert pool builder. We are currently scheduling appointments in Phoenix, Glendale, Scottsdale, Peoria, Wickenburg, Wittmann, Waddell, Anthem, New River, Carefree, as well as Cave Creek ONLY.