Why Your Pool Needs a Tanning Ledge

9 January 2022
9 January 2022, Comments: Comments Off on Why Your Pool Needs a Tanning Ledge

A tanning ledge lets you sit in your swimming pool without completely submerging. It usually is situated in the middle or on the side of your pool – depending on your preference and the design of the pool. Some regions refer to a tanning ledge as a sun shelf, lounge ledge, or Baja steps.

Today, we take a comprehensive look at why you need to install a tanning ledge. Read on to find out more:

Relax Without Getting Soaked or Cold

Sometimes it’s more refreshing to just sit in the water without being completely submerged. Cool off after a long day without soaking in the water. A tanning ledge lets you enjoy the comfort of your swimming pool without diving into the water. You can, therefore, relax and talk with friends or family while cooling off. It will also help to install an umbrella to keep you cool during the hot summer days.

Acts as a Decoration

A more attractive swimming pool helps boost the appeal of your home. With a tanning ledge, you get to choose from a wide range of stones, designs, and tiles. Therefore, you can make your pool look unique. Consider integrating a mosaic design if you want a swimming pool that looks like a small grotto.

Lets You Play With Children

All parents want to ensure their children remain safe around the swimming pool. Tanning ledges are only a few inches deep, thus providing your children with a playing area. They can, indeed, swim around and play while with friends and family. The water is at a comfortable length, which gives you the peace of mind to enjoy family time at the pool. However, pick non-slip materials for extra safety when dealing with small children.

Excellent Place for Your Pets

All dogs want some time in the pool – especially during the summer. However, ensuring their safety can sometimes prove to be hectic. Luckily, a tanning ledge offers a safe spot for your pets to cool off. You will also eliminate the need to use life jackets since your pet is safe while in the pool. Pets get to relax on the swimming ledge after they finish swimming.

Increases Accessibility

Do you have a loved one with a mobility issue? Well, they will greatly appreciate a swimming pool with a tanning ledge. In fact, it allows them to get into the pool without moving across large steps. Grandma can, therefore, get some pool time with the grandchildren when visiting. Everybody in your family gets the chance to enjoy the relaxing feeling of sitting in the water on hot days.

Let Saturn Help

Are you looking to add a tanning ledge to your swimming pool? At Saturn Pool Company, we have years of experience helping Phoenix Area residents get the pool of their dreams. Ensure you contact us today to schedule a consultation or seek more information. We are, indeed, happy to help you build and design a swimming pool that delights your entire household.