2 October 2017
2 October 2017, Comments: Comments Off on How to Change Your Pool Maintenance for Fall

Fall is finally approaching here in Valley of the Sun, but that doesn’t mean pool season is over. Plenty of warm days are still to come, so you will have more opportunities to get some use out your pool, especially if you have a heater. But, with the change of season, you will also need to make some changes to your pool maintenance routine. Here are a few ideas to help you keep your in tip-top shape for the next few months.

Chemical Levels

In the summer, your pool needs more chemicals due to the high levels of sunlight and frequent use. As fall arrives, you should be able to decrease the amount needed to keep it clean. To be safe, continue to check your pool chemistry at least once a week and make any changes needed.

Leaves and Debris

As the leaves begin to change and fall, you will start to see a higher quantity of debris in your pool. It is important to stay on top of your cleaning regimen since these leaves can allow algae to grow. Also, if they settle on the pool floor for too long, they may leave a stain that is difficult to clean.

Pool Filter

Because summer is such a high-use time for your swimming pool, the beginning of fall is a good time to change out your filter. In addition, you can generally reduce pump usage now that you aren’t swimming as often as before. For most, running your pump only 4-8 hours a day is sufficient.

Repair and Renovation

If you don’t use your pool much in the fall, now may be a good time to consider having your pool checked out by a professional to repair any damage that occurred in the last few months. Also, this is the perfect opportunity to consider having any renovations or improvements done to get your pool ready for next year. Feel free to reach out and let us know about the ideas you have!

While it may feel unfortunate that the summer fun is coming to an end, taking these maintenance measures will ensure your pool is in good shape and ready for next year. In any case, cooler weather is coming our way, so keeping up with your pool’s needs should be easier than ever.