15 February 2019
15 February 2019, Comments: Comments Off on Phoenix Firefighters Help Horse out of Pool

Recently, a group of firefighters got quite a surprise when they received a call from Phoenix resident, Gail Stone, who was in need of assistance. Their problem-solving abilities were put to the test as they arrived on the scene to find Stone’s horse, Cowboy, stuck in an in-ground swimming pool. If you needed another reason to consider installing a pool fence, this may be the one for you!

Gail originally discovered the problem herself when her neighbor called her at work. The neighbor couldn’t see Cowboy, but they did see the water moving in the pool. Stone hurried home to find Cowboy standing in the water. She suspects her donkey broke through the chain on her gate allowing the horse to get out of its pen. After trying to lead him out on her own using a bridle and rope, Stone realized she needed more help.

Thankfully, Stone’s pool is only around 5 feet deep at it’s lowest point, and the firefighters she called were able to figure out a way to get Cowboy out of harm’s way. With two of the firefighters in the water, and the crew using their firehose as a hoist, they were able to pull the horse back onto dry land. Cowboy quickly returned to his normal self, showing no signs of injury.

Stone was grateful for the first responders saying, “I couldn’t thank them enough; they were awesome.” The firefighters wrote later on Facebook stating, “as a firefighter, you never know what’s in store when the alarm goes off. Thankfully we have creative and committed firefighters who can handle anything that comes their way.” Watch the full coverage of this story below.

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