15 June 2017
15 June 2017, Comments: Comments Off on Pebble Technology interior finishing

What happens during interior finishing?

First, we’d like to tell you that we only use 100% authentic Pebble Technology product.  It is absolutely the best product out there with an outstanding warranty.  Some pool companies will tell you that they use Pebble Tech but you need to see documentation to ensure that it’s authentic.

The process begins when the set up crew comes out and they will cover your decking, tile and stonework with plastic. Then they string ropes around the top of your pool to hang their tools from.  Once they are ready to begin, the slurry truck comes and they will (most likely) bring a slurry box into your back yard.  If your yard is too small or doesn’t have room for a slurry box, they will bring a trailer to leave out in front of your home.

They begin by spraying the Pebble Tech into the pool and then they trowel it flat.  Then it has to set up a bit.  After it’s set up a little bit, they roll the and scrape the slurry into the slurry box to expose the rock.  The color will look REALLY bright but don’t worry, that’s not the actual color.  The slurry box will be filled with slurry and water by the end of the day.  The crew will siphon off the water but will leave the slurry to harden overnight.  Don’t worry!  They’ll be back the next to remove it!  When the slurry dries, it will look dull.

The next day they will fill the pool with an acid wash to expose more pebbles.  DO NOT turn off the hose while the pool is filling or you will get a white ring around your pool!  The Pebble Tech will still look dull at this point.  Again, no worries.  Once you fill your pool with water, the magic happens and the gorgeous color comes through and you can celebrate by jumping into your crystal clear and gorgeous swimming pool!