Cover the Pool or Keep It Open: What's Best for Winter in Arizona?

14 October 2019
14 October 2019, Comments: Comments Off on Cover the Pool or Keep It Open: What’s Best for Winter in Arizona?

In many states, this question is fairly easy to answer. But in a state known for its heat like Arizona, it can be a little tricky. Depending on the year, you can sometimes use your pool comfortably well into fall. But, when it finally does cool off, you might begin to wonder if it’s worth winterizing or not. Let’s look at the pros and cons.

Why Winterize

If you’re looking for less maintenance, winterizing is the way to go. Maintaining your pH can be more difficult in the winter if you don’t cover your pool. And, of course, if your pool is uncovered you’ll still have to keep your pool brushed and vacuumed in order to keep it clean. When you’re not using your pool, these tasks can be harder to stay on top of, but if you don’t, you could end up with an algae problem or staining on your pool surface. Ultimately, if you’re looking to worry about your pool less this winter, this is the route to go.

Why You Might Not

However, it’s worth considering that having your pool covered all season isn’t the most appealing atmosphere if you still plan to be outside a lot. It’s definitely doable to maintain your pool chemistry if you’d rather leave the cover off. Even when it’s not in use, your pool is still the centerpiece of your backyard, and you can make it a fitting part of the fall and winter environment. Decorate for the season and break out the fire pit to keep your space cozy. And, if you really want to get in, consider installing a pool heater to extend the amount of the year that you can enjoy a swim.

Well, which is it for you? Thankfully, in Arizona, both are viable options. Just remember to continue practicing pool safety no matter which way you go. Even when you’re not actively using your pool, it’s still as important as ever to be diligent.

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