One Surprising Benefit of Teaching Your Children to Swim

14 October 2020
14 October 2020, Comments: Comments Off on One Surprising Benefit of Teaching Your Children to Swim

It’s probably safe to say that, in general, most people agree that it is a good idea to teach your children to swim. When your child knows how to swim, it makes them drastically safer in the water than they would be otherwise, and it gives you more peace of mind as a parent when they are in the pool. But, did you know that there are non-safety-related (or even physical fitness) reasons you might want to teach your kids to swim? As it turns, the benefits your child experiences by learning to swim might be much broader than you thought.

So, what is this secret benefit of swim training? According to a four-year study by the Griffith Institue for Educational Research, the early sensory and motor stimulation children experience in the water can lead to advanced cognitive development and higher intelligence down the road. That means—believe it or not—learning to swim might actually make your child smarter.

Another survey commissioned by Swimways Corp. in 2018 also found that 88% of parents are unaware of a correlation between learning to swim and increased oral expression. USA Swimming Foundation Ambassador Elizabeth Beisel stated, “The Swimways survey results demonstrate parents’ understanding of the physical benefits of swimming, but many are unaware of the additional mental and psychological advantages of learning to swim at an early age.” Swimways has pointed out other valuable side effects children can experience as well, such as increased self-confidence and social skills.

Were you surprised by these stats? Even if this isn’t your first time hearing about these advantages, it can be mind-blowing to think about how teaching your child to swim can benefit them in so many ways. If you have children of your own, get them in the water (safely, of course), and see for yourself how fast they can grow.

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