A New Year's Resolution for Your Pool

3 January 2019
3 January 2019, Comments: Comments Off on A New Year’s Resolution for Your Pool

2018 has been a great year here at Saturn Pools as we’ve completed many new projects and had just as many happy customers. With the new year beginning, it’s always nice to look back on what you have accomplished, but it is also time to look forward to what next year brings. As you look into 2019 holds for you and your pool, we’ve compiled some New Year’s resolutions to help keep your backyard getaway in pristine condition.

Do a Checkup

During the winter when pools see less use, it’s common for problems to pop up and go overlooked. The beginning of the year is a great chance to look over all of your equipment for leaks, buildup, or other damage. It’s even a good idea to have your pool service company come to inspect your pool and ensure that everything is running smoothly. Catching problems early on can help you save money in the long run.

Start Good Habits

If you don’t already, start making it a point to check your pool’s water chemistry on a weekly basis. Keeping your water balanced can go a long way to maintaining a healthy pool. But don’t stop there. Create a habit of checking your skimmer baskets for debris and cleaning your pool as a regular routine. Fifteen minutes a week of skimming the water’s surface for leaves and brushing the pool floor clear of any built-up dirt could make 2019 your pool’s cleanest year yet.

Consider a Remodel

Fall and winter are great for pool remodels. For starters, pool companies tend to be less busy, so the process moves along faster. Also, starting construction during the colder months allows you to get the most of your pool next summer. If you wait too long to start, your project could run over into time that you wish your pool was ready to use. And of course, if you don’t yet have the pool of your dreams, this time of year is perfect to begin a new project too.

As you begin the new year, start off right when a picture perfect pool! A clean pool is an inviting pool that encourages you to and your family to enjoy it more often. And for those who are considering building a new pool in 2019, we would love to add you to our list of satisfied customers. Contact us for a free estimate today!