The Newest Shift in the Pool Inflatable Trend

17 August 2019
17 August 2019, Comments: Comments Off on The Newest Shift in the Pool Inflatable Trend

A popular new article from the New York Times has a topic you might not expect—pool floats. More specifically, the article dives into the history of the pool float craze on social media and the odd place this trend might be heading to next. Funboy, a company that creates “fancy floats for adults who refuse to grow-up,” is trying to stay ahead of that curve, and if its founders have anything to say about it, the next stop is winter.

If you don’t know, these novelty pool floats—including designs like doughnuts, pineapples, and unicorns—really took off in 2015 when singer Taylor Swift posted a photo of herself riding an inflatable swan in the pool with her then-boyfriend Calvin Harris. The photo, seen by Swift’s millions of followers, caused the sale of similar products to skyrocket. Funboy, in particular, saw a boost in float sales, and online retailer Amazon claimed to see a 200% increase year-over-year.

Years later, you’ll still see these types of floats all over your summer social media feeds. And companies like Funboy are, of course, eager to see the trend continue. But they’re also looking to expand. According to Celeste Barrett, creative director for Funboy, they are planning to bring the photo-friendliness of the pool to winter. After creating their first inflatable sled last year, they are in the process of designing more snow-themed products for release in the next few months.

Whether you’re interested in being fashionable or not, pool floats can be a relatively cheap and functional way to add your own spin to your pool. And even if an inflatable snowmobile isn’t your thing, one benefit of this pool float boom is that there are now more designs than ever to explore. If you are, however, without a pool to take social media-worthy photos in, now is the perfect time to start the process. Schedule an appointment with us today to get your free in-home estimate on the pool of your dreams.