Music Festival Worker Invents Completely Mobile Swimming Pool

27 November 2018
27 November 2018, Comments: Comments Off on Music Festival Worker Invents Completely Mobile Swimming Pool

You don’t have to be a genius to have a great idea. At least that Chris Lisk, an employee at the Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival, would say if you asked him. While working at the festival, Lisk managed to turn his great idea into a patent for a completely mobile swimming pool.

“I would never say I’m a smart man. I’m a very simple labor guy. My dad’s an electrician, my brother’s a pool guy. So that right there explains the entirety of how I came up with the whole idea,” said Lisk. The first year he worked at the festival, he simply showed up in his RV and was given the task to direct other RVs on where to park. After that, his job grew as more RVs came, and he made bigger and bigger pools.

Mobile Pool Patent

Starting with kiddie pool and moving upward, Lisk has continually tried to top himself. At the time of receiving his patent, Lisk has made it all the way to a full-size mobile pool with themes like a pirate ship, dinosaurs, and of course, an RV. Lisk is proud of his accomplishment too, saying, “I got the patent in the mail. I haven’t actually opened it yet… The physical version is kind of for novelty. But I was able to tell all my friends I got it. That was the exciting point—the bragging rights.”

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