Layout and Excavation: The First Steps of Pool Construction

17 May 2019
17 May 2019, Comments: Comments Off on Layout and Excavation: The First Steps of Pool Construction

So, you’re building a new pool—how exciting! Before you can start any actual building, however, you have to do the proper prep work. These steps may not seem as exciting on paper as adding in special water features or seeing gorgeous title be put into place, but this is the foundation of your pool. Layout and excavation literally lay the groundwork of your entire pool and are some of the most important parts of the construction process.

Why Layout Is Crucial

Layout is the first phase to any pool construction, and it is not one to skip. During layout, the shape of your pool is actually staked out and painted on the ground, allowing you to see the actual space that your pool will inhabit. This gives you the opportunity to get a better feel for what final product will be and is the time to make any changes you may want. This layout serves as the template for everything that comes after it, so make sure you are happy with the plan before moving on.

What to Expect During Excavation

After the layout is set, excavation starts. During this step, the excavators will dig out the depth and shape of your pool. At this point, you’ll start to see your design come to life as the dirt is removed and the shape of your pool floor begins to form. (Check out a timelapse of a pool excavation here.) This is a really fun part of building a new pool, but a number of variables are at play here.

The first things to take note of is the amount of earth that needs to be removed. One pool builder says to picture the amount you think will be excavated and multiply it by five. Obviously, that’s a significant pile of dirt, and it will most likely have to be hauled away.

The other issue to be aware of is the possibility of “hitting hard.” Some problems are impossible to see until you start digging, so you probably won’t know the difficulty of the dig until it begins. Hitting hard is fairly common in Arizona, but it is possible to get through. As a company, we generally have our clients pay the excavator directly, and we don’t mark up the excavator’s price for a tough dig.

Hopefully, this article helps you understand what you’re in for as you start a new pool construction project. If you know someone who is looking to join you on that journey by building a new pool, have them contact us today for a free estimate. Building quality pools for families like yours is what we do, and we love it.