Labor Day Party Ideas: Make Your Weekend Party Spectacular

29 August 2021
29 August 2021, Comments: Comments Off on Labor Day Party Ideas: Make Your Weekend Party Spectacular

Celebrate the last big summer holiday with an epic Labor Day party that puts the crown on one of the best summers ever! In fact, keep reading for fun ideas that will make your party extra special.

Fun Labor Day Party Ideas

1. Simple and Social

Keeping the food situation simple is easier for you, and it keeps people mingling. When people sit down for a meal, they end up talking only with the people they are sitting next to at the table. So, consider creating a few foods as well as drink stations, and let your guests serve themselves. If you want, you can fill up trays of food and pass them around during the party. So people don’t feel like they have to eat everything all at one certain time.

2. Tent it Up and Weigh it Down

Hopefully, the weather will be absolutely perfect for your party. So, for extra protection from the sun, set up a tent. You should also provide sunscreen for your guests to use, especially if they are going to be in the pool. In the case of wind, weigh down your tablecloths, napkins, as well as paper plates, so they don’t blow away. In fact, fun and festive weights could include a beautiful rock or seashell. Check out these cute watermelon rock weights at Handmade Happy Hour!

3. Transition from Day to Night

Let your party carry on into the night hours. Keep candles as well as matches on hand. Offer sparklers if you really want to show your summer spirit, and throw a few blankets around the area, in case anyone gets a chill or needs a new place to stretch out after spending the day in the pool or deck chair. Want to make it an extra special night under the stars? Host an outdoor movie as the grand finale to your amazing Labor Day party! 

4. Music is a Must

Not sure what tunes to play during your party? Let the internet do the work for you. In fact, choose one of these great playlists, and maybe your backyard will double as a dance floor!

5. Grilling Recipes

In addition, you can give your grill the workout of the summer with these mouthwatering recipes:

6. Kid-Friendly Party Drinks

Serve your young guests these cool party drinks. Adults think they are tasty, too!

Finally, all of us at Saturn Pools wish you the most amazing Labor Day you could ever have! Want a pool for next summer? Give us a call! We are currently scheduling appointments in Phoenix, Glendale, Scottsdale, Peoria, Wickenburg, Wittmann, Waddell, Anthem, New River, Carefree, as well as Cave Creek ONLY.