How to store swimming pool chemicals - from Hayward

3 October 2014
3 October 2014, Comments: Comments Off on How to store swimming pool chemicals – from Hayward

This is really good advice from Hayward about how to store your chemicals.  Especially important is that, “…You should always keep chemicals in its original purchasing container unless instructed to do otherwise by the manufacturer. The reasoning behind this is the ability to keep warning, storing and ingredient instructions and information with said chemicals. So no matter how much you want to change the container because you want to save space, we would strongly advise against it. Something else you should avoid when dealing with dangerous chemicals is the avoidance of mixing chemicals….  Make sure to keep each individual chemical in a separate container from the other when storing.

Every chemical manufacturer documents a proper disposal method of their chemicals and the containers in which they reside. You would typically find it listed on the container itself or a number for directions would be included somewhere in the labels. Never pour these chemicals down the drain or dispose of anywhere on or near your property.”

Hayward’s blog post:



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