15 May 2017
15 May 2017, Comments: Comments Off on How to Be Backyard Ready For Memorial Day

Kick off the summer season with a fantastic patriotic holiday! For residents of Arizona, preparing to open your swimming pool is only part of the party prep process. Other preparations important for the first barbecue of the season include sprucing up your backyard and outdoor eating area, and preparing your home for a season of outdoor living and family entertaining.

As the top Phoenix pool builder, Saturn Pools has some great ideas for your pool celebration. Here’s a few tips to make your Memorial Day celebration a success:

Incorporate a Patriotic Theme

American flag mason jars are luminous at night in red, white, and blue. You can create perfect arrangements for walkways, ledges, and perimeters around your landscape with mason jars; this is a fun and easy craft that the kids will love. You can also create a patriotic Memorial Day bouquet as your outdoor table centerpiece. Using white and red roses as your base, then insert small American flags in the center.

Family Fun American-Themed Desserts

1. American Donut Cake Pops:

Make an American flag with cake pops! Use munchkin donuts and color them red, white, and blue frosting. First, place the munchkins onto sticks and freeze them to prevent any moving during frost. Second, melt the frostings in separate bowls. Third, dip the pop into a desired frosting and let them dry

2. Healthy Fruit Skewers:

Use a fruit skewer of strawberries, marshmallows, and blueberries as a healthy alternative to a Shish Kabob. You can replicate the American flag, too. Kids will love this creative dessert!

Add Some Adventure to Your Landscape

You can add color to your backyard with potted plants and flowers, such as annual and perennial flowers to give your landscape striking pops of color. String lights to add some excitement to your outdoor living space, plus it keeps the party going even after sunset. Make sure to prep your fire pits so that the kiddos (and adults!) can enjoy roasting marshmallows from home.

Most importantly, don’t forget to add shade in your backyard for family and friends. Although the sun is great for tanning and swimming, the kids are going to want an outdoor area to cool off and protect their skin. A manicured yard is the center of backyard entertainment!

Memorial Day Ready

Using these fun and simple recipes and tips, your Memorial Day will be memorable, festive, and fun for the entire family.

Happy early Memorial Day from Saturn Pools! If you have any questions about our pool or backyard design services, please call 623-869-9699.