How Often Should You Brush Your Pool?

24 April 2019
24 April 2019, Comments: Comments Off on How Often Should You Brush Your Pool?

Pool maintenance for the inexperienced can feel similar to cooking or working out for the first time. Without proper guidance, they all make you ask the same question: “Am I doing this right?” Even the simpler tasks like brushing your pool can leave you with uncertainty about whether or not what your doing is proper or even effective. In order to alleviate your doubt and give you confidence in your pool maintenance routine, let’s look at some pool brushing rules of thumb.

Why Brush?

The obvious reason to brush your pool is too keep it clean, but what exactly is it doing, and how is it different than the robotic vacuum you already have? Your vacuum may pick up a lot of debris, but it misses the smaller particles that settle on the bottom of your pool and eventually create scale. That dirt, along with other minerals and oils, can also stain the surface of your pool if not removed. Routine brushing can prevent other issues too like algae and etching, so it’s a necessary part of any pool maintenance plan.

When Should You Brush?

Brushing weekly is a good rule generally, but there are specific times when brushing more often is advised. For instance, if your pool has just been resurfaced, more dust than usual will need to be filtered out, so brush at least two times a day for the next few weeks. Be sure to brush after adding things to your pool like granular chemicals, salt, or calcium as well. This will help protect the surface and prevent build up or stain. And if your pool already has a stain, don’t rely on chemicals alone to fix the issue. Brushing problem areas should help it clear up.

How to Brush

Hopefully, you now have a better of why and when to brush your pool. Whatever you do, just be consistent and brush from the shallow end to the deep end, making sure you get every spot. Doing this regularly will help keep your pool cleaner and even provide some quick exercise! It’s a win-win, right?

Of course, the only thing more important than maintaining your pool is having it built properly in the first place. If you know someone who is looking to build a new pool, have them contact us today for a free estimate. Building quality pools is what we do.