Mom Pool Party: Great Ideas to Unwind with Your Mom Friends

5 September 2021
5 September 2021, Comments: Comments Off on Mom Pool Party: Great Ideas to Unwind with Your Mom Friends

All summer long, moms keep busy taking their kids to the pool or the beach, making sure they have enough sunscreen on, ensuring no one drowns, organizing playdates, as well as packing water and snacks to keep away the hunger whines. When do moms get to enjoy themselves at the pool? Invite all the moms you know to a mom pool party designed specifically for them!

Additionally, a mom pool party is a great way to kick back, forget about the kids, as well as enjoy a little girl time.

Great Tips for a Memorable Mom Pool Party

No Kids Allowed

This is going to be the trickiest part of the whole party! Try to plan a time that allows your mom friends to get away without the kids in tow. A baby might be okay. It’s hard to separate a mom from her littlest one!

Swimsuit Required

All moms must wear a swimsuit, and they must go to the pool. This is definitely a requirement, and it should say so on the invite. Promise that there will be no judgment about what anyone looks like in a swimsuit.

Silly Games Will Ensue

Pool games are not just for kids. A mom pool party is a perfect opportunity for moms to act as crazy as they want to! If you have a diving board or a pool slide, use it. What’s more, if you have a pool volleyball net, make sure everyone plays. Have a competition for the biggest splash. Dive for rings on the bottom of the pool. Play musical chairs with pool floats. Whatever you do, don’t be boring!

Serve Good Food

Show off your charcuterie board skills. Spoil your mom friends with amazing flavor pairings, like chocolate and avocado, strawberries and balsamic, as well as cheddar cheese and apple pie. In fact, here are some recipes you might consider:

Serve Even Better Drinks

Hey, this is a kid-free party! So, drinks are definitely allowed. Make them festive as well as fancy. Your mom friends will love you!

Need some nonalcoholic inspiration? You can also try one of these favorites:

Take Lots of Pictures

Additionally, phones are allowed but only for the camera app! You also want to remember this party, so make sure you take plenty of photos as well as videos of you and your friends having a blast together. In fact, your mom pool party will probably be one of the best times you’ll have all year! Enjoy it!

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