24 September 2014
24 September 2014, Comments: Comments Off on Go outside!

I love this article on play. Unorganized, rough, messy…play.  It’s not just for kids, either.  We home educate our three boys and they have a lot of energy!  One great answer is to have them outside as much as possible.  We of course are very thankful for our swimming pool which we use – a ton.  And we camp.  A lot.  Our boys do tae kwon do.  The 12yo ds will be a 3rd degree in January 2015.  11yo ds is a 2nd degree and 8yo ds will test for 2nd degree in January.  So we do organized sports but, fortunately for us, it’s always in one spot.  And then, on the way home, we hit the skate park with their scooters for an hour or so to just…play.  They call it their happy spot.  So that makes it mine as well.  I hope you enjoy this article.  And get outside!


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