Get Lost in New Photography Book Celebrating Pools

26 June 2020
26 June 2020, Comments: Comments Off on Get Lost in New Photography Book Celebrating Pools

If you had a poolside vacation that had to be canceled this year, there’s still some solace to be found. You can support your daydreaming with a new book from Lou Stoppard, a regular writer for the Financial Times, the New Yorker, and Vogue. Pools, published in April of this year, celebrates the simple joy of the swimming pool through photography. As one review said, “What could be more appealing in a time of pandemic than a leisurely tour of the world of summer and swimming pools?” If you can’t experience the joy of the pool for yourself, this may be the second-best option.

The book includes a number of curated photos, both old and new, that all feature—you guessed it—swimming pools. Stoppard explains, “I was interested that the pool had crossed generations of photographers working in very different styles and with different agendas or ideals. It doesn’t seem to have dated.” But Pools doesn’t just look at swimming pools throughout the years. It also examines pools from different perspectives, like escape, glamour, and architecture. “One of my favorite chapters in the book is the coming of age chapter,” Stoppard says. “It looks at the pool in the eyes of a young person and the sense of how freeing it feels to be in the water.”

With the subtitle Lounging, Diving, Floating, Dreaming: Picturing Life at the Swimming Pool, the book really aims to whisk you away to a different, more enjoyable place. As pool people ourselves, we know that being around the pool is one of the best places to be, even if it’s only in your mind for now. And if you’re pool fanatics like we are, this “celebratory ode to the joy and enduring allure of the swimming pool,” is likely a good fit for you as well.

Nevertheless, at the end of the day, we all know nothing beats relaxing beside a real-life pool. If you’re in the market to start a new pool construction project, we’d love to partner with you in helping your dreams come true. One thing coronavirus has taught us is that our homes should be places we enjoy, and we specialize in making our clients’ backyards into spaces they never want to leave. Schedule a free estimate today by reaching out to us here!