27 August 2019
27 August 2019, Comments: Comments Off on The Future of Pool Lighting is Wireless

Two companies are working hard to bring some new tech to the pool industry. S.R. Smith and CCEI have created the first wireless pool lights on the market, and they could be the start of something big. The lights themselves deliver some major advantages, but they are also piloting a system that could transform the way accessories function in a really great way.

The Tech

The tech itself is essentially the same as something you may already own—a wireless charger. These new lights function similarly to the way you can place your phone onto a wireless charging mat and charge it without connecting any wires. The lights’ power source is close to the light but is sealed behind plastic instead of the two being hardwired together. Using a process called magnetic induction, a magnetic field created by the power source generates a current in the components of the light allowing it to function normally.

As a result of this new technology, these lights are significantly safer and more convenient than traditional options. Because of the removal of wires, you also remove any threat of electrocution. Pool servicemen will even be able to work on these lights without completely turning off the power, and replacement has become as easy as unscrewing one light and screwing another one in. Other benefits include increased brightness when compared to fiber optic solutions and the simplification of removing the light during winterizing.

The Future

Thomas Vessiere, head of sales for North America at CCEI, has high hopes for the future of this tech and the products it could produce. He imagines a future where all pool accessories utilize this type of power. “Do you remember when the USB computer connection came out? There were only a few accessories that worked using USB, and now it’s hard to find anything that doesn’t plug in with USB. We imagine this going the same way, becoming a standard plug around the pool so you can power any accessory you want in your swimming pool. You can safely run your vacuum, floating speaker or anything else from this plug.”

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