Four Surprising Health Benefits of Owning a Pool

15 October 2018
15 October 2018, Comments: Comments Off on Four Surprising Health Benefits of Owning a Pool

Owning a pool certainly has its benefits, that’s hard to deny. But did you know that those benefits go far past simply amusement and play? Apparently, according to the experts, having a pool can have a positive impact on your health. Here are four ways your pool is making you healthier.

Great Workouts

Using your pool to workout has so many upsides. First of all, you can get a full-body workout in so many different ways. Swimming laps is one of those ways, sure, but that merely skims the surface. Pools are also great for workouts that strengthen your back and core in an environment with low risk of injury.

In fact, working out in the pool is low-stress in many ways. Your heart actually beats slower when you’re in the water, so it makes this form of exercise perfect for people who don’t want to put any extra pressure on their heart. Research has shown that physical activity done in the pool will actually help you live longer when compared to things like normal walking or running.

Less Stress

In other surprising research, people who use their swimming pool regularly are actually shown to have a lower stress level. More benefits include higher energy levels, more self-confidence, and a more positive mental attitude. In addition, water aerobic exercises can actually help alleviate anxiety and depression.

Being Social

It’s well-known that social interaction is good for your mental well-being, and pools can help contribute to that! By having a pool at your home, you have a perfect place to encourage people to gather together and enjoy each other’s company. So use your pool to improve your social life and, in turn, improve your health!

Active Children

Of course, the pool is great for more than just adults. Having a pool can also help lead your children away from the tablet or TV screen and toward physical activity. By letting your kids exert some of their youthful energy in a healthy way and spending time together as a family, your entire family can be better off by simply utilizing your backyard pool.

And this is just a short list of things that having a pool can do for you and your family. If you are considering building a pool, we would love to be a part of helping bring your dreams into reality. Reach out today for a free estimate and take a step toward making your backyard an oasis for everyone in your household.