Fall and Winter Is Hot Tub Season in Arizona

2 January 2022
2 January 2022, Comments: Comments Off on Fall and Winter Is Hot Tub Season in Arizona

Few things feel better than the steaming waters of a hot tub during the chilly Fall and Winter air. Most homeowners consider this to be hot tub season in Arizona, and these months can be the perfect time to play host to your friends and family.

If you have an in-ground hot tub attached to your pool, the latter will likely be out of commission for the season. However, this doesn’t mean that you have to shut down the former as well. 

The first hints of brisk air mean that the outdoor hosting season is all but over for most people. But for Arizonans, the Fall and Winter bring new hosting opportunities for those lucky enough to have outdoor recreation and relaxation options. Let’s dive into some of the best uses for in-ground hot tubs during the Fall and Winter in Arizona.

Football Season Looms

Everyone in Arizona knows that Fall and Winter mean it’s time for the Cardinals, Wildcats, and Sun Devils. Pigskin contests bring a whole new element of excitement to your patio if you have an in-ground hot tub. 

If you have the options structurally, adding a flat-screen television within the viewing range of the hot tub can be a relaxing way to watch your favorite teams. The only thing better than watching football is watching football from your hot tub. In between games, fire up the grill to make it a full-on hosting event. Incorporate surround sound on your patio to make the games really come to life. 

You don’t have the option to hang a flat screen near the hot tub? That’s okay – you can enjoy the steamy waters as a way to rejuvenate yourself between games. 

Hot Tub Life is the Pits

Who said that Arizona sand was a negative element about living in the desert? This just means you have full access to materials for a horseshoe pit. 

Winter and Fall provide the perfect temperatures to stay comfortable during the day to host a horseshoe tournament in your backyard. Keep the horseshoe pit close to the hot tub. When night falls, and the air becomes a bit balmier, you can jump in the hot tub with your guests and relax those muscles. 

Between games, make use of the other pit in your backyard and get the barbecue rolling. Make a full day and night of it with these three elements combined. To entertain your guests, you’re going to want to be sure you maintain your hot tub appropriately during the Fall and Winter. 

Important Things to Remember 

Even though most Arizonans don’t shut the hot tub down in the Winter, there are some essential things to keep in mind.

  • If there is a rare chance for snow or freezing rain, put a tarp over the hot tub to avoid damaging the unit itself and the cover. 
  • Don’t forget to change your water before Winter.
  • If you do need to change the water during colder temperatures, do it six inches at a time. Refill and reheat between partial drains. This will avoid damaging your hot tub and pipes.

By taking the proper maintenance precautions before colder weather hits, your hot tub will operate perfectly during the Fall and Winter. This is important considering this is peak hot tub season for many people in Arizona. 

Try a Hot Tub Party This Fall and Winter

Don’t be shy about taking on hosting and recreation in the Winter and Fall in Arizona. Your in-ground hot tub brings an additional option for your guests, and you should take advantage of it.

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