Exciting upgrades to enhance your backyard oasis and swimming pool 

23 January 2023
23 January 2023, Comments: Comments Off on Exciting upgrades to enhance your backyard oasis and swimming pool 

Modernizing your backyard oasis with a swimming pool renovation can be an exciting venture. Whether you’re looking for a leisurely swim or a dedicated spot for outdoor entertaining, upgrading your pool will make a big splash in your outdoor area. From poolside lighting to a complete overhaul, you can transform your swimming pool into a safe and inviting space for family fun.

Here are just a few ways to upgrade your swimming pool:

1. Upgrade Your Poolside Furniture

Nothing enhances a beautiful pool quite like stylish outdoor furniture. Consider purchasing colorful lounge chairs and durable tables to create the perfect poolside oasis. Try to match the furniture to the overall aesthetic of the pool’s surroundings, such as stone pathways and garden decor.

2. Add a Pool Cover

Pool covers help keep debris out of the water and offer an extra layer of safety when children or pets are around. Think beyond a plain plastic cover and consider a retractable version with a solid top or bubble-wrap material. A motorized model is ideal for large pools, as it’s much easier to operate when you have many areas to cover.

3. Install Custom Lighting

Sparkling lights add a magical ambiance to any pool area. Consider creating a focal point with underwater lighting or highlighting the perimeter of your pool with LED rope lighting. You can also incorporate outdoor lamps and lanterns for a softer touch.

4. Incorporate Spa Features

Take your backyard oasis up a notch with spa features. Install a hot tub, sauna, or steam room near your pool to create the ultimate relaxation destination. Or go for something more adventurous with a water slide or waterfall feature.

5. Get an Automatic Pool Cleaner

Nobody likes to spend their days skimming the pool for debris. An automatic pool cleaner is a perfect way to stay on top of keeping your pool clean. Look for a model that can be programmed to operate at different times to ensure you are always on top of maintenance.

6. Put in a Pool Slide or Diving Board

A pool slide and diving board can turn an ordinary pool into the centerpiece of your backyard. Look for a model suitable for your pool size and the age of the users. Don’t forget to invest in safety features such as padding and non-slip surfaces for both the slide and diving board.

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Start with these upgrade ideas if you’re interested in giving your swimming pool a makeover. Whether you want to enhance your pool’s appearance or add fun features, there are plenty of options. You can contact us if you need any help with your pool upgrade. We offer professional construction and design services to help turn your pool into an inviting outdoor oasis.