The Energy Efficient Future of Pools and Spas

8 March 2019
8 March 2019, Comments: Comments Off on The Energy Efficient Future of Pools and Spas

It seems only natural that the future of pools and spas is more energy efficient the reality we currently know. And that future is now moving closer and faster thanks to a ruling by the Department of Energy establishing Conservation Standards for Dedicated-Purpose Pool Pumps, commonly referred to as “DP3”. The DOE’s ruling states that variable-speed pumps will be required for powering all pool and spa filtration systems by July 19, 2021.

As the deadline quickly approaches, Jennifer Hatfield, the Government Affairs Director for The Association of Pool & Spa Professionals says, “As an industry, we will do more education and marketing on the rule for the next few years so we’re all ready—not just manufacturers, but installers and consumers as well. We’re working with energy advocacy partners to make sure we’re getting the word out and that everyone is aware of the rule.”

Hatfield spoke to other initiatives trying to find footing as well on the back of DP3. One is a replacement-motor rule that would solve a current loophole within DP3. If this rule comes into effect, it will ensure that any motors that go out of commission must be replaced with a new one that meets the standard of efficiency. “If we don’t address the motor, we won’t realize the full potential of energy savings,” Hatfield said. She believes that if the rule passes, it will likely go into effect at the same time as DP3.

More talks happening include issues like encompassing pools in a potential whole-house Energy Star certification, the Hot Tub Efficiency Standard requiring spas to be labeled with key information pertaining to its energy use, and the EPA’s Water Sense program, which helps identify products that conserve water. While the outcome of these proposals is currently unclear, all of these ideas are looking to further energy efficiency. Hatfield sums up the topic like this: “It’s not going away. It’s something we’ve talked about for quite some time and it will be something we continue to work on.”

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