Do You Meet the New Pool Pump Regulations?

8 January 2020
8 January 2020, Comments: Comments Off on Do You Meet the New Pool Pump Regulations?

Now that it’s the beginning of 2020, we’re only a little over a year away from a new federal regulation coming into effect called “Energy Conservation Standards for Dedicated-Purpose Pool Pumps.” This new regulation states that all pool pumps (even residential ones) must meet an established performance standard, which is currently only met by variable-speed pumps. So, in short, if you don’t already have a variable speed pool pump, you’ll need to make the transition by July 19, 2021. Here’s what you need to know.

Why Do I Need to Change?

First of all, you’ll only need to make a change if you’re currently running a single speed pool pump between 0.711 and 2.5 hydraulic horsepower (or motors of approximately 1-5 horsepower). If that’s your case, then you’ll need to make the switch in order to fall within the new energy-efficient standards. Unlike the Energy Star program, which is voluntary, this ruling applies to everyone, meaning manufacturers and pool owners alike must comply.

The Pros of a Variable-Speed Pump

At the end of the day, making the change is actually in your favor. As the price of variable-speed pumps going down, the cost isn’t as much of a hindrance to change as it used to be, and with that changes comes some big upsides. As you might have guessed, variable-speed pumps are more energy-efficient than their single-speed brothers, so you will save on energy costs in the long run. These pumps tend to run quieter than older ones as well. The bottom line is, after the change, you will have an all-around better pump that costs less money to operate.

Hopefully, this information has been helpful for you to know what this new regulation means for you. If you have any family or friends in the market for a new pool, send them our way. Anyone can schedule a free, in-home estimate on their next project here. We love to build quality pools that are ready for the future.