Designing a Pool That Suits Your Personality

1 November 2019
1 November 2019, Comments: Comments Off on Designing a Pool That Suits Your Personality

The great thing about building a pool is that your options are almost endless. That can, however, also be a downside when it comes to actually nailing down everything you want to include and what you don’t. So, instead of going down the same path of racking your brain trying to decide if you really should add that waterfall or not, what if you started somewhere else? With that in mind, let’s look at four different personality types and what kind of pool suits them best.

The Entertainer’s Pool

If you are the kind of person that likes to host and entertain, then this is the pool for you. With common features like fireplaces and spas, the entertainer’s pool is all about atmosphere. Other staples such as a dining area or cozy outdoor living room make it the perfect pool for either hosting your adult friends or planning a romantic dinner for two. If you see yourself as the leader of festivities, then you’ll feel right at home around this pool.

The Minimalist’s Pool

A minimalist is a person who lives on the bare necessities. They go out of their way to avoid excess or clutter, and this type of pool suits them perfectly. Featuring clean lines and simple design, the minimalist’s pool is elegant without being over-the-top. With this “less is more” approach, extra features are usually sparse and purposeful. If you like an aesthetic that is modern but understated, then this direction should suit you well.

The Parent’s Pool

Many people looking to build a pool are doing so (at least in part) for their family to enjoy. If you find yourself in this category, why not embrace it? The parent’s pool is fun-loving and playful. It’s for people who would include a water slide or diving board on their list of “must-haves.” Going this route doesn’t mean you have to build a kids-only pool, but it works best for people who aren’t afraid to let their hair down.

The Rustic’s Pool

A rustic pool is to the backyard what Joanna Gaines’s shiplap is to the living room. It’s homey and unpretentious, embracing a style that blends in with its environment. This type of pool will often showcase stone or rock features and possibly even a darker surface tone to mimic a real-life body of water. In some ways the antithesis of minimalism, the rustic’s pool doesn’t worry about perfection as much as it aims to feel like you’ve discovered a natural paradise that’s been there all along.

So, instead of focusing on what you do or don’t want in a pool, maybe reflecting on why you want a pool will be more helpful. If align with any of these descriptions, start there and make your decisions based on how well they fit your pool’s purpose. If you’d like to talk more about your pool design or take the next step in starting your project, contact us today by scheduling a free, in-home estimate. We would love to help you build a pool that is the perfect fit.