Conquering Cloudiness: Keeping Your Pool Crystal-Clear

7 September 2020
7 September 2020, Comments: Comments Off on Conquering Cloudiness: Keeping Your Pool Crystal-Clear

When you picture the perfect pool, I think everyone has that idea in their mind of an immaculate pool with crystal-clear, deep blue water that you can see through all the way to the bottom. But, what if that image doesn’t match your reality? What if your pool is cloudy or murky instead of clean and attractive? Today we’re talking about cloudy pools, why they are the way they are, and what you can do to fix it.

Unbalanced Pool Chemistry

Whenever you’re dealing with a dirty pool, the first step in cleaning things up is balancing your water chemistry. Even a small rain shower can change your levels enough to induce some murkiness. We’ve talked about water treatment a lot in the past, so we’ll keep it short, but here’s what you need to do. If you don’t already have one, pick up a water testing kit and check your chemical levels. Do your best to get them all in order before you move on to other possible solutions.

Calcium Overload

Calcium hardness is one of the more difficult levels to manage for your pool. It’s not that it’s difficult to avoid per se, but rather that, if it becomes an issue, it can be a pesky one to get under control. We’ve talked about calcium hardness in more detail before, but if the problem persists, you may need to get a water softener to avoid long-term problems.

Algae Buildup

Another possible cause of your cloudy water is algae. Believe it or not, some algae occur naturally and are basically always in your pool. However, it’s when these algae bloom into a visible colony (during the right conditions) that it really becomes a concern. This can be caused by poor circulation, poor sanitation, poor filtration, or water imbalance. Improving these where necessary, as well as using an algaecide regularly, should fix your outbreak.

Staying on top of these areas of pool maintenance should keep your pool looking pristine. If you run into any problems that you can’t figure out, it may be time to call in the big guns and speak to a pool maintenance professional. And if you know anyone in need of a professional pool builder, send them our way! We love to help build beautiful pools for our customers in addition to explaining how to keep them looking their best. Anyone can schedule a free estimate here.