Christmas in Phoenix: Celebrating Outdoors

19 December 2021
19 December 2021, Comments: Comments Off on Christmas in Phoenix: Celebrating Outdoors

It’s the most beautiful time of the year. Gift wrapping, carol singing, group cooking. If you’re among the lucky ones, you might even get a few snowflakes in. A white Christmas is lovely, but it isn’t for everyone’s taste. Some people enjoy a delicious cocktail by the pool, surrounded by friends. After all, Christmas is all about harnessing a light spirit. What better way to reach this goal than with a fantastic pool party to celebrate Christmas in Pheonix. 

Before we get to the soundtrack and guestlist, let’s talk about decor first. How can we customize the outdoors for the perfect Christmas reception? What do we need to keep an eye on? 

Christmas in Phoenix: A Sunny Alternative

If you’re an Arizonian, you know all about dry heat. Those months that lead up to our Lord’s special day are just dreadful. Those who get to freshen up on chlorine water are the lucky ones. Private pools are great in many ways, but they also come with a few challenges. 

You may think about hosting the best pool party Phoenix has ever seen, but consider a few things first. Private pools require high maintenance, and this includes:

  • Proper filtration
  • Good water circulation
  • Precise chlorine levels
  • Functional plumbing 
  • Regular cleaning sessions

How Can I Beautify My Pool Area for Christmas in Pheonix?

Ho, ho, ho. The recipes are ready, and cocktails have made an appearance. Your pool looks lovely, but now you need to decorate the surrounding area. Where do you go first?

Pick a Theme for Christmas in Phoenix

The first step to beautifying your pool area is to pick a theme. Santa decorations and reindeer stickers only do so much for the ambiance. You can express your winter festivity in many different ways without adding sensory overload. Some themes that you can use are:

  • Snowflake meets beach
  • Pinecones and mistletoes
  • Green delight
  • Maroon love

Set the Tone With Furniture

Guests need a place to wind down after too much partying. Comfortable furniture is an absolute must, especially with a pool event. You want people to chat freely with one another as they glance at the view. There are different combinations you can use to set the tone. 

If you’re hosting a daytime party, you can never go wrong with chaise lounges. They’re the most popular poolside furniture, and for a good reason. Your guests can dip into the clean pool and have a blast in the water. After all is said and done, they get to rest in the comfy lounges. 

For night parties, we recommend outdoor sofas and sectionals. If you’re more of a boho type, try out a hammock. Kids love it, and adults will appreciate the thought. 

Christmas Is About Giving, So Give Help a Chance

You can’t invite people over while your pool water looks like a frog habitat. Any kind of debris is a red flag, especially if you’re hosting a prestigious event. Pool maintenance can be overwhelming, but some people can help with that. Saturn Pools offers the complete pool maintenance package, so inviting the guests is all you have to worry about. 

Contact us now so they can give you the pool party of the century.