21 August 2020
21 August 2020, Comments: Comments Off on Choosing the Right Pool Fencing for You

If you’re building a pool, chances are you’re thinking of installing a pool fence. While they aren’t required, pool fences help to keep your back yard a safe place for children and pets, so they are a worthwhile investment. The only problem is, there are a lot of options when it comes to pool fencing, and it may not be immediately clear which is the best for you. Let’s take a look at the different kinds of pool fences that are available and investigate why you might choose one over another.


In many places across the country, homeowners rely on wood fences to surround their pool due to the low cost and visual appeal. However, in Arizona, wood seems to be a rare choice due to the dry heat making maintenance of wood much more intensive. While wood can still be an option, many of its benefits in other climates are less apparent here in the Valley leaving it an unpopular option.


Metal, on the other hand, is a fairly common choice when it comes to pool fencing. In addition to its sturdiness and durability, metal provides a number of options when it comes to design and aesthetics. But, It does come with downsides as well. If not properly maintained, metal fences can rust over time, losing both their physical integrity and visual appeal. And one other thing to be aware of with is that their structure can sometimes lend itself to climbing. Unattended children (or crafty pets) may be able to find their way inside a metal fence, especially if they have the assistance of a chair or stool. It’s not that metal fences are ineffective, but it is important to remember that a fence is not a replacement for adult supervision.


Mesh is one of the newer players in the game when it comes to pool fencing, but it is growing in popularity nonetheless. Mesh’s pros come from its modularity and low maintenance. Typically mesh fences utilize shorter panels than metal ones, so they can more closely fit the shape of your pool instead of having a boxy shape as many metal fences do. Additionally, if you ever want to remove your fence for a party or event, mesh makes that task easy as well. In just a few minutes, most mesh fences can be removed and stored to really open up your entire backyard. And lastly, many mesh fence proponents claim that these fences are more difficult to climb because they are designed in a way that does not provide hand or footholds.


If you want a fence that wows, glass is probably the material for you. Out of all the options, it is definitely the most geared toward style, and it can actually add to the beauty of a pool while still being functional. Of course, glass will require regular cleaning, and it is the most fragile of the available options, but it still gets the job done. Ultimately, glass fencing fits a certain set of needs, but if these are the things that appeal to you, then it’s likely the right choice.

As with every other aspect of the pool world, we love helping our customers make the best decision for their family. If you are looking to build a new pool and need help deciding on things like pool fencing, we would love to talk to you. As always, you can schedule a free estimate for your next pool project in just a few steps by reaching out to us here!