Busting 3 Pool Myths: Do You Know the Truth?

23 May 2020
23 May 2020, Comments: Comments Off on Busting 3 Pool Myths: Do You Know the Truth?

The world of pools is full of misinformation. As with any topic, you can’t always trust what you read on the Internet, and not all of the old wives’ tales are true. Countless pool myths have circulated over the years. We’ve even covered some of the most common ones before. Today, we’re back with a few more misconceptions to set record straight once and for all.

You Can Smell Chlorine

It might be surprising to hear that the conventional wisdom is wrong on this one. After all, we all know what chlorine “smells like,” don’t we? But the truth is, a completely clean with chlorine in it would be odorless. That characteristic smell is actually coming from chloramines. Chloramines are formed with the chlorine in your pool attaches to contaminants in order to neutralize them. This is why you shock your pool every so often—it oxidizes these chloramines to remove them from your pool water.

So, while you may be used to thinking that a pool is clean you can “smell the chlorine,” the opposite is really true. It likely means that most of the chlorine in your pool has been used up, and you may need to add more!

Saltwater Pools Don’t Use Chlorine

Speaking of chlorine, some people would rather not have to add it to their pool, so they opt to install a saltwater system. But, are they truly avoiding having chlorine in their pool? Not exactly. A saltwater pool gets chlorine by creating its own. A saltwater chlorinator uses the salt and converts it into chlorine to clean your pool. Saltwater systems do have their benefits though! They generally require less maintenance than chlorine, are more cost-effective, and produce softer water.

Pool Maintenance Is Complicated and Difficult

At first blush, you may be tempted to disagree that this statement is a myth. If you own a pool, you know as well as anyone that pool maintenance requires some effort. But, it doesn’t have to be hard. The name of the game with maintenance is consistency. The vast majority of costly pool repairs stem from deferred maintenance and can be avoided if you stay on top of your pool routine. Sure, there are exceptions to every rule, but usually, if regularly clean your pool, balance your water chemistry, and ensure your equipment is in good shape, you shouldn’t have much to worry about!

As you can see, the truth about pools isn’t always common knowledge. On the bright side, however, this means that owning a pool may not be as problematic as you previously envisioned. If you or someone you know is considering building a new pool, we’d love to hear from you! You can schedule a free estimate at any time right here. We look forward to making your backyard dreams come true!