Desert Landscaping - Beautiful Ideas for Your Home Backyard

26 September 2021
26 September 2021, Comments: Comments Off on Desert Landscaping – Beautiful Ideas for Your Home Backyard

Landscaping in the Southwest means dealing with drought and heat, which can seem like a limitation on your landscaping creativity. It doesn’t have to be that way! At Saturn Pools, we design beautiful backyard areas that work well in our desert climate. In fact, we believe the desert has its own unique beauty that you can’t find in other places. Learn more about desert landscaping and gather inspiration for your own Phoenix area backyard.

Beautiful Desert Landscaping for Your Home Backyard


This popular form of desert landscaping is perfect for arid climates. Xeriscapes require little to no water, minimal maintenance, and incorporate native plants for a local appeal. Transform your brown lawn into a pebble foundation with winding stone or brick pathways, cacti gardens, as well as fun details that are distinctly Southwestern.


Instead of trying to keep a lawn and vegetation alive, consider a stunning waterscape, such as a pond with a waterfall feature. We can also design and build a swimming pool that looks like a natural oasis in your desert landscape. Your backyard will be a beautiful reflecting mirror for the bright Phoenix sun.


From pebbles to boulders, rocks of all sizes can be put to creative use in your backyard desert landscaping. Rocks are strong, require no maintenance, don’t need to grow, and come in infinite shapes, sizes, as well as colors. The desert is made for rockscaping, so allow a rocky outcropping or a stone path to add character to your home landscape.

Vibrant Colors

Never let anyone tell you that the desert is colorless or boring. In fact, the desert is naturally vibrant, full of rich hues. Reflect the colors of the desert in your backyard by growing native plants with bright vegetation and blooms, placing colorful rocks in strategic places, using reflective surfaces to take advantage of the abundant sunlight, as well as adding pops of bright color in your manmade features.

Landscape Lighting

Make your landscape come alive at night with carefully placed outdoor lighting. Not only does it change your perspective on your landscape, but it also highlights details that may be overlooked during the day.

Desert Garden Beds

It can be overwhelming to care for a large area of vegetation. Some small backyards don’t even have the space to fit a big garden. That’s why we recommend garden beds, full of desert plants. With one area overflowing with life, you’ll have your own small oasis in the desert. Gardening can be difficult in our soil, so try a raised garden bed, a tiered garden for sloping yards, as well as a potted garden. With all your plants in one location, you’ll find it easier to maintain your entire landscape.

Sculptural Elements

A unique backyard sculpture adds character. Choose a sculptural element that suits your personality. It will be a conversation starter as well as a focal point for your landscaping.

Contemporary Elements

Contemporary landscaping involves right angles, straight lines, as well as minimalism. Incorporate a contemporary theme into your landscape with boxy native garden beds, square stepping stones or straight pathways, and rectangular pools. Highlight the wide, open horizon view, if you have one. 

Saturn Pool Company is your source for excellent quality pools as well as backyard landscaping. We can create a stunning desert landscape for you and your family. Contact us to schedule your one-hour appointment with the local pool-building expert, Nate Green. We are currently scheduling appointments in Phoenix, Glendale, Scottsdale, Peoria, Wickenburg, Wittmann, Waddell, Anthem, New River, Carefree, as well as Cave Creek ONLY.