Design Elements that Add Natural Effects to Backyard Pools

28 February 2021
28 February 2021, Comments: Comments Off on Design Elements that Add Natural Effects to Backyard Pools

A beautiful swimming pool is much more than plaster and water. We can design a pool area that closely resembles a natural pond, lagoon, or tropical paradise. The following design elements are powerful ways to add value and natural beauty to your backyard pool in Phoenix and nearby cities.

1. Waterfall

The soothing sound of falling water can be a part of your backyard pool. Enjoy the relaxing ambiance of a waterfall feature. We can make them look like the real thing in nature, as in this beautiful waterfall and rock formation. The combination of pool and spa could include a spillover, which is a small waterfall from the spa into the pool. Love the look of a sheet of falling water? A tall waterfall formation may be just the thing for your pool.

2. Boulder Formations

Whether your pool has a waterfall or not, a natural formation made of boulders adds natural appeal. Your pool will look that much closer to being a swimming hole in the wild. If you’re really into the boulder look, consider a grotto, which is a small cave that could be used as a kids’ fort, a hidden nook, or just another place to relax and enjoy your pool atmosphere.

3. Wok Pots

Place nature into your pool design with wok pot planters. These ornamental pots add a touch of elegance to your design, and they serve as beautiful planters for the plants you love. Grow a combination of flowers, succulents, cacti, or ornamental grasses. It’s your pool, so dress it up with nature’s finest!

4. Colored Pool Finishes

Have you considered the color of the interior of your pool? Interior pool finishes now come in an array of colors. For a more natural appearance, consider a darker finish. A medium gray plaster enhances the blueness of your water. Go even darker, such as black, and you get the illusion of depth. With darker finishes, you also get that beautiful reflective quality that you may see in a natural pond or lake.

5. Textured Finishes

Textures can dramatically change the look and feel of your swimming pool. A pebble finish helps give your pool a tropical vibe. Stone tile finishes make it look as if the water has pooled over a natural rock crevice. Check out this natural stone finish tanning shelf with a rock protrusion for an even more natural effect.

6. Multi-Level Pool Elements

Nature is rarely all on one level. You can get the appeal of varied levels in your pool. Consider tanning shelves, spas that are built higher than the pool, different levels of rock formations, built-in islands or tables, or multi-level decks

7. Plantings

What’s the easiest way to add natural appeal to your swimming pool? Surround your pool with plants! Whether you grow shrubs and grasses around your pool or build a potted plant paradise, the extra privacy and the colorful relief of growing, living things will have you feeling like you’re in your own backyard resort!

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