How to Make Your Backyard an Extension of Your Living Space

12 November 2019
12 November 2019, Comments: Comments Off on How to Make Your Backyard an Extension of Your Living Space

It’s the middle of fall here in Arizona, and we’re quickly approaching the days that eliminate the need for an air conditioner. Depending on your temperament, you may even be there already. One obvious perk to this weather is the new ability to brag to your out-of-state friends and family, but there’s more to it than that. Now that you can leave your doors open, with a little bit of planning, you can essentially double the square footage of your living space. Here are three tips to make your patio feel as comfy as your living room.

Keep a Common Style

One easy way to make the outdoors feel more inviting is by continuing your indoor style through your threshold. This helps tie everything together and lets your mind start to see your patio as a natural extension of your space. Keeping a similar color scheme and feel between the two spaces makes the transition of moving from inside to outside easier visually and practically. This way everyone at your next house party can go wherever they feel more comfortable without feeling isolated from the rest of the group.

Making Moving Easy

Another barrier that can keep you inside is the hassle of going back and forth as you please. When you’re inside, generally everything you need is within an arm’s reach, but that’s not always the case when you move outdoors. To avoid this issue, make it easy on yourself by creating a transition basket. Keep in your basket everything that you need for comfortable outdoor living—blankets, pillows, or even a tablecloth. Whatever it is, the point is that when you’re inside, it doesn’t look messy, and when you’re ready to go out, it’s all in one place.

Add Some Tech

Lastly, as electronics become increasingly affordable, it’s more possible than ever to pick up an extra tech product for the patio. Adding a TV or a smart speaker will allow you to enjoy the weather while still being able to watch the game or listen to something relaxing. And if you’re in the smart home game, having a voice-controlled device outside is also a great hack for changing the music without getting out of the pool. Maybe you want to keep your outdoor space sacred and tech-free, but if not, adding an accessory or two won’t hurt.

Hopefully, you find these ideas helpful as you seek to make the most of Arizona’s great fall weather. If you need help taking your backyard to the next level by installing the swimming pool of your dreams, now is the perfect time to build. Contact us today by scheduling a free, in-home estimate!